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Twas the night before Halloween and all through the Centre of VP Towne
There were hundreds of costumed kids stirring about with nary a frown.
The Halloween Fest decorations were hung everywhere with much care,
in hopes that spider webs, a graveyard and a big black cat would scare.

A variety of pooches were all dressed up from their tail to their head
Some were seen sniffing for a Rotary Batwurst encased in bread.
The VP Witch bobbing apples and a gentleman in a Lakers cap
Truly engaged the crowd with the rhythm of their outrageous rap.

Then out on the street by the OCFA Engine there arose such a clatter
Many young parents rushed on over to see what was the matter.
Even several OC Sheriff’s left their truck in an extraordinary flash
Only to find a group of teens dancing away to the “Monster Mash.”

The clouds and the sunset made for a picture perfect autumn glow
With the foreground trees filled with more than one black crow.
Then, what to my wondering eyes should suddenly appear
A boy seated in a rolling outhouse responding to laughs & cheer. 

With many happy hayride volunteer drivers so lively and quick 
It was a super fun ride with a skeleton crew or a fifth grade clique.
Oh, the truck was full of Werewolves. Unicorns, Princesses and Cats
Supermen, Minions, Ghosts, Zombies, Pirates, and Witches in hats. 

Each eagerly getting ready to join the costume parade on the stage
Where a variety of prizes were awarded according to dress and age.
Accolades went to the Halloween Fest underwriter, Wells Fargo Bank
Plus, there were many organizations and special vendors to thank. 

Haunting the merchants for sweet treats was an evening delight
As was grinning for pics with Photographer Dean Thomas on site.
The coloring contest winners definitely showed their creative side
While the pumpkin decorators won their prizes with obvious pride.

In the shadows of this VPCS Foundation free boo-nanza event
Chair Julia Peterson and her “Boo Crew,” oh, so much time spent. 
With City Staff Mike and Rich assisting them to get everything right
Kudos to all for helping everybody have such a spooktacular night.